Sales Coordinator

For Onix Vargas, agriculture is a family tradition. “My mother worked in the cherry industry. I liked the industry and I followed her example,” she says.

Onix’s ascent to her present position as Sales Coordinator at RTC was a long and steady one. “I started out by working in virtually every position in the packing operation,” she says, “from sorter to packer to tally person to floor lady. Seven years ago I started at RTC as a receptionist and then went on to shipping which led to my position in sales.”

Solving problems is Onix’s favorite part of the job. “I know how all parts of the organization work so I can be creative and resourceful in finding solutions. I frequently receive calls after hours from receivers who count on me to find the right answers.”

Onix also likes the collaborative spirit at Rivermaid. “It’s a great feeling,” she says. “We’re all part of a family—working together to take care of our customers and each other.”

When Onix isn’t at her desk at RTC—during or after hours—she likes to unwind by dancing, cooking and going to bingo with friends. 
Talking to Onix instantly reveals the sense of pride she has in being part of RTC and the agriculture industry. “When I walk into one of our customer’s stores and see our product on the shelf,” she says, “I know we’re the best and it makes everything we do worthwhile.”

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