Meet Oz – Our optical cherry grader

Oz“Oz” is the name Rivermaid’s Chairman, Chiles Wilson, christened it’s 40 lane optical cherry grader in 2014.  Oz is quite simply, a state of the art, world class optical cherry grader built by GP Graders of Australia using High Definition (HD) optical technology and software developed by Ellips in the Netherlands.

Optical cherry grading technology yields a consistent product with precise sizing, color separation and defect detection.  For consumers, cherries packed on Oz and properly handled throughout the cold chain, will always provide a consistent eating experience.

Slow Motion Cherry ImagingRivermaid replaced it’s Standard Definition optics in 2016 with HD optics that will detect 75% of all defects.  Oz’s 75% detection rate is unmatchable by other technologies and will ensure Rivermaid remains the consistent quality packer it’s brand has come to represent.

In 2012, Rivermaid dispatched a team of managers to evaluate all optical packing technologies for cherries being used in the northern and southern hemispheres.  GP Graders with Ellips was the unequivocal best choice based on defect detection and specifically soft detection.  Soft is difficult to detect because damage under the skin is not immediately seen on the surface.  Cherries are handled at the proper temperature and in a high humidity environment during the packing process thus making manifestation of a soft defect subjective.

Oz is completely objective.  We define quality parameters based on customer requirements and execute to provide our customers consistent quality.  Further, Oz’s operators, we call them Pilots, are encouraged to define new ways to detect defects and maximize the utility of the very powerful Ellips software.

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