Merchandising Best Practices

Working together to employ the proven research-based best practices outlined below, we can build your pear category and increase customer satisfaction.

Display Adjacency: Feature pears with summer fruit: peaches, plums and nectarines

Most consumers consider the Bartlett to be a “summer pear”. Capitalize on that connection by displaying Bartletts alongside tree fruits during July & August. Retailers displaying Bartletts next to tree fruit instead of apples enjoyed an 11% increase in sales during the summer.

Promotion Frequency

Frequent promotion of Bartletts achieves the highest volume, dollars and contribution for the total category — Bartletts lead the pear category, accounting for 38% of total category sales.

Product Mix: Multi-variety pear displays improve the overall category

Multi-variety pear displays improve the overall category.
Let other varieties ride on the popularity of Bartletts — displaying Red Bartletts and Bosc varieties with Bartletts can increase pear category sales an additional 5% and gross profit an additional 17%.

Display Appearance: Consumers prefer ready-to-eat pears

Consumers prefer ready-to-eat pears
Make sure your Bartletts receive proper conditioning and handling for optimum sales and good shelf life — 3 out of 4 consumers prefer Bartletts with “more yellow, less green” color.

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