About Us

We are a grower-owned and operated organization with over 7,600 acres of pears and cherries grown in California and Oregon.

Responsible for 50% of California’s pear volume alone, we are the state’s undisputed pear leader. We are also a Top-5 shipper in the California cherry industry.

Rivermaid Trading Company adheres to our own industry-leading standards for product quality and customer service standards – standards designed to simplify the supply chain and provide the freshest, most flavorful eating experience every time.


Plant Operations

Lodi, California

Primary Crops

Pears: All varieties with the predominate volume being Bartlett and Golden Bosc

Cherries: All varieties with the predominate volume being Bing

Orchard and Field Locations

  • The Sacramento River Delta, California
  • Lodi, California
  • The Southern Central Valley, California
  • The Rouge River Valley, Oregon
  • The Hood River Valley, Oregon


PrimusGFS – Certification level: 93.3 Excellent

Operation Specs

  • 7,600 acres under Rivermaid Trading Company ownership and management
  • 80,000 square feet of packing facilities under one roof
  • 5 pear packing lines
  • 3 cherry packing lines with automated clamshell and bagging equipment
  • 7 forced air cooling tunnels to maintain flavor by rapidly reducing temperatures after conditioning or packing
  • 150,000 square feet of racked cold storage with ethylene monitoring to ensure premium storage conditions
  • Conditioning rooms and modular conditioning units to enable the conditioning of one load at a time for perfect conditioning management
  • MA technology utilization to create optimal long-term storage conditions and a “Pack-to-order” not “Pack to move” fruit operation.
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