Angelo Diaz

IT Manager and Produce Traceability Supervisor

Angelo began working for Rivermaid eight years ago and has worked his way up to becoming our IT Manager and Produce Traceability Supervisor. Angelo manages Rivermaid’s server, network security and traceability equipment/ software as well as supervising the production lines during the season.

With the all the technological advances, both on the production line and in our offices, we greatly rely on Angelo and his IT expertise to ensure all departments are running efficiently.

“I enjoy the fact that we work together as a unit for the best interest of the company,” he says. “I also appreciate the fact that I have had the chance to grow professionally with Rivermaid as they have been expanding on the business side. There is a lot of room for growth.”

Angelo’s hobbies include expanding his ever growing “Funko Pop” collection and participating in fantasy football leagues.

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