Chiles WIlson

Chiles Wilson

Principal owner and Corporate President

Born and raised in the Sacramento River Delta community of Walnut Grove, Chiles brought his family’s long farming heritage into its fifth generation.

He began working for All State Packers in 1972, and so impressed its owner – the Eadington Davis Company – that they handed him the operational reins in 1979. The company flourished under the leadership of Chiles and his longtime friend, Brian Machado. So much so, that in 1993, the two were able to buy-out Eadington Davis and own the company outright.

In 2011, All State Packers was renamed Rivermaid Trading Company, and Chiles continues to oversee the company’s operations as its President. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Pacific Coast Producers, a California-based fruit processor.

“Being able to continue my family’s farming legacy and be part of an industry-leading company setting new standards in quality, flavor and safety – that’s been a dream come true,” Chiles said. “It just doesn’t get any better than that.”

While Chiles’ professional journey has taken him far, he continues to live in his Walnut Grove home surrounded by his family’s pear orchards.

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