Fidel Suarez

Field Supervisor

Fidel began his career at Rivermaid back in 2011 as one of our field supervisors for cherries, assisting Albert, Jerry and Bob with day to day tasks in the orchard. Fidel’s responsible for overseeing the harvest crews in the various orchards here in the northern district of Lodi/ Linden.

His dedication to his work and the support he provides to our cherry field staff allows for an effortless process of getting product from the field to our production plant in a timely and flowing manner.

“What I like about working for Rivermaid is the friendly atmosphere between the workers and field staff. Everyone gets along well and works together; I feel comfortable when going to work.”

Fidel enjoys spending time with his friends and family on his days off. He particularly loves being able to participate in the academic and extracurricular activities of his children.

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