Justin Bloss

Sales Representative

Hailing from the Midwest, Justin was born and raised in Michigan. In 2014, he started his professional career in the produce industry after moving to the Sacramento area to manage a fresh vegetable operation. Prior to entering California agriculture, Justin held multiple positions with Michigan based retailer Meijer while completing studies at Ferris State University.

“Agriculture has always been a part of my life.” Justin says. “In my early childhood, I would ride around in the semis of our family business with my dad or grandpa to local dairies and haul the raw milk to be processed. I started ‘officially’ working in the summers at the age of 12, de-tasseling seed corn. As an adult, I’ve spent years working with great mentors learning how to grow, pack, and market fresh fruits and vegetables.”

In February 2019, Justin and his family moved from West Sacramento to Lodi, California to join the Rivermaid team. He hopes to add new perspective from his time spent in retail grocery, and add value to new and existing customers.

In his spare time Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, hiking and camping in national parks, catching a hockey game, and traveling around the country to visit family.

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