Production Manager

When Peter graduated from California State University, Chico, he envisioned a municipal career as a Parks and Recreation manager. But when he saw his roommate happily working for a packing company — a job he described as “fun, exciting and fast paced” — he decided to pursue that career path instead. And he’s never looked back.

That was in 1984, and in the years since, Peter has worked in many roles within the produce industry, rising through the ranks from assistant production leader to cold storage manager to production manager. Today, he’s the Chief Operating Officer for Rivermaid Trading Company, overseeing all of its packing and cold storage operations. And he still finds the work fun, exciting and fast paced.

“The packing industry is constantly changing — it’s never the same, it’s never mundane,” he says. “It’s always exciting and energizing to get the packing done in a time efficient manner to the customer.”

As Peter’s responsibilities have grown, so has Rivermaid Trading Company, which has emerged as a recognized leader in the produce industry. The key to the company’s success? According to Peter, it’s “being open to change, and being willing to bend or flex to meet the demand of the customer.”

While Rivermaid has enjoyed years of growth and success, the company has remained very much a family business, and Peter takes great pride in the personal, hands-on approach to quality and service.

“I personally vouch for every piece of our produce,” Peter says. “We make sure it’s safe for your family to consume in order to grow, stay healthy and prosper.”

Outside of his role at Rivermaid Trading Company, Peter is active in his community, lending his leadership to the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Crab Feed and Sorry Anglers Nonprofit Association. In his spare time, he also enjoys golf, wine tasting, traveling and fishing.

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