The quality and commitment you need for cherry season success.

At Rivermaid Trading Company our focus is on being the best, not merely the biggest. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in our orchards, modernizing our packing operation and building our team of experts. All to help us deliver the very best cherries – consistently and reliably – to keep you well supplied and your customers satisfied.

We know quality cherries from tree to table

    • Tree – Our growers are some of the most experienced and advanced in the industry, selecting rootstocks and varieties to produce the best quality fruit at the right time. Rivermaid’s expert field staff ensures proper maintenance of our orchards such as appropriate pruning techniques and orchard shaping to maximize quality and size. Rivermaid also has orchards in all major growing regions, enabling season long presence in the market.
    • Harvest – All our cherries are handpicked at peak maturity and cooled as quickly as possible.
    • Temperature – We ensure that all bins are covered with shade cloth immediately after harvest. We then hydro-cool all of our cherries to remove the field heat and pack the cherries using hydro cooled 34° water – with cold air palletizing and forced air cooling when necessary.
    • Quality Assurance – By utilizing the best technology available to determine brix and firmness, we are able to consistently provide the highest quality fruit to the consumer.
    • Production– Rivermaid has made major investments in the most state of the art equipment over the past five years. The sorting software we use is the most powerful available, allowing very specific programming for differences in varieties and crop years. Our skilled operating personnel are able to understand and maximize capability of sorting software and machine capabilities. The abundance of packing line ‘exits’ allows for flexibility on color, size, grade, and packstyle, thus ensuring each piece of fruit is placed in the correct package consistently.
    • Distribution – Our state of the art facility allows for quick access to products, so fresh-packed cherries can be on the road within 24 hours of harvest to ensure the best eating experience available. Experienced handlers coordinate outbound trucks to minimize wait time at our shed and allowing the product to arrive to consumers in a timely manner.
    • Sales & Marketing– Rivermaid’s professional sales staff and support team provide exceptional customer service and industry knowledge. Constant communication between our departments ensures our sales staff is well informed on any changes, allowing for more accurate planning and order execution.
    • Click here to watch the process from start to finish.
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