According to his family, Chuck goes into his orchards every day to give his pears a rousing pep talk. That may be the stuff of Baker family folklore, but it illustrates his over-the-top obsession with growing top quality fruit.

A fifth-generation pear farmer on his family’s 30-acre ranch, Chuck could be forgiven for simply following the tried-and-true farming techniques that were passed down through the family tree. But that’s not good enough for Chuck. Instead of resting on his laurels, he restlessly develops new and innovative farming techniques that enhance the quality of his pears while making his operation more efficient.

“We consistently grow very high yields and high quality fruit,” he says. “We believe in doing the best we can for our customers while protecting the land and the environment.”

Chuck says his goal is “to be the best steward to the land as possible, and leave it in better shape than it was when I inherited it.”

He has also earned a widespread reputation for his keen industry analysis, which he is always eager to share with his colleagues as well has his family. In fact, his daughter, Katie, and son, Brett, both also work in the produce industry – much to the delight of their father and mother, Joy.

When he’s not motivating his pears in the orchard or imparting his industry knowledge, Chuck enjoys the outdoors, golfing with his friends and Sunday dinners with his family.

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