Redwood Empire

Randy Ruddick is a fourth-generation pear grower, continuing a family farming tradition begun by his great-grandfather on a five-acre parcel of land.

Today, that parcel is home to Randy’s 270-acre operation. Some of the original trees planted by his ancestors are still producing and, according to Randy, produce some of the best quality fruit he’s ever tasted.

“There’s nothing cooler than picking a piece of fruit right off a tree and eating it,” says Randy. “It’s something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.”

Alongside his parents, sister, wife and teenage daughters, Randy grows a wide variety of pears with a commitment to quality made even more special by the fact that there are only about 40 pear farms left in California – each one family owned and operated.

“To produce something in the ground that has been in the family for so long is a very special and rare thing,” says Randy. “When you buy our pears, you know you’re eating a piece of fruit grown with a rich heritage and a lot of heart.”

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