Rivermaid Trading Company

Robert’s father was a farmworker who labored in the fields of the Sacramento Delta for over 40 years. As a child, Robert worked alongside his father on weekends and summer vacations, creating “fond memories of honorable and rewarding work” while laying the foundation for a lifelong career in farming.

“I decided this was the way I wanted to earn a living and where I wanted to raise a family,” he says. “I’m proud to be a first-generation farmer.”

Robert and his wife now grow Bartlett and Red Pears and Bing Cherries on their 80-acre ranch. Their crop is thriving, thanks to the soil and climate that have made the Delta so productive for over a century, as well as innovative farming practices such as tree training techniques, unconventional spacing, development of new varieties and growing techniques and more.

Robert joined the Rivermaid Trading Company family over 25 years ago, knowing he would be part of a “growing, forward-thinking, family-oriented company.” What does he enjoy most about his career?

“Rivermaid gives me the opportunity to share my farming passion and knowledge with other growers, as well as my three daughters and young grandchildren,” he says. “It’s my legacy to them.”

When he’s not in the orchard, Robert enjoys fishing and extended camping trips with his extended family.

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