Sustainable Farming

Rivermaid Trading Company is grower-owned and operated with 7,600 acres of pears and cherries and under our ownership and management. Responsible for 50% of all California Pears, Rivermaid is the state’s undisputed pear leader and a Top-five shipper in the California cherry industry.

Rivermaid’s Farming Operations are led by Chuck Baker, a fifth generation farmer who has spent more than 30-years perfecting the pear enabling us to reliably serve our retail partners and consistently satisfy pear consumers around the world.

Rivermaid is growing healthy food for a global community, so we have an intentional and thoughtful long-term approach to caring for the land, environment resources and community where we live and work.

Our Legacy

Rivermaid has a farming history dating back to the California gold rush – a commitment to safe, sustainable and healthy farming. It’s a legacy worth preserving.

  • Our oldest trees were planted in 1860
  • Our pear families are multi-generational
  • Our pear farmers are pioneers in environmentally friendly pest control

Our Stewardship:

Rivermaid farmers are good stewards of the land

  • Rivermaid Trading Company has a sustainability program that documents its farming practices and looks for opportunities to improve
  • We practice Integrated Pest management in 100% of our orchards
  • We use vegetation in orchard rows
  • We recycle
  • We chip (versus burn) our tree prunings
  • We do not use bio-solids
  • We do not use GMOs

Our Community:

Rivermaid pear farmers are good neighbors.

  • Most of our pear orchards are less than 100 acres
  • Our pear farmers reduce pesticide use through Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • We provide housing for our workers

Our Commitment to Health:

Rivermaid pear farmers produce healthy food, healthy farms and a healthy environment

  • Our pears improve public health through good nutrition
  • Our Pears have low pesticide residues
  • We provide safety training for all workers
  • We support Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation through an annual retail promotion


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