Our Facilities


Rivermaid Trading Company’s mission is to raise and distribute high-quality, dependable products that nourish our customers and protect our resources. Our facilities allow us to deliver on this mission.

We operate from three different locations in the heart of our growing areas with a combined footprint of 400,000 square feet. Our facilities include 5 pear and 3 cherry packing lines, air-forced cooling tunnels and 150,000 square feet of racked cold storage with ethylene monitoring to ensure optimum storage conditions. Rivermaid uses modified atmosphere (MA) technology to create an unsurpassed long-term storage environment. 

All facilities are solar powered to reduce our environmental footprint and our businesses are part of the communities where we live and work.

We’ve worked hard over the years to continually improve our operations and have literally searched the world for the very best packing and sorting equipment.

We’ve identified highly skilled individuals to operate our equipment. We’re very proud of the fact that season after season, a team of passionate workers return to Rivermaid – many have been with us for generations.

Lodi. Our company’s headquarters in Lodi house our state-of-the-art cherry and pear packing lines, a massive cold-storage facility and it’s where most of our office and sales staff are located. It’s also where our sister company A Gift Inside is based.

Sacramento Delta. Located in the historic pear growing region of the Sacramento Delta, Rivermaid operates two pear packing plants. You can’t get any closer to our products from these two facilities. Both the KayDix and Steamboat Orchards packing plants are in the middle of pear orchards! Flexible packing, bagging and cold storage operations allow us maximum flexibility for our customers including a full range of bagged and organic pears, cold storage and the earliest Bosc pears available in California.




Rivermaid Trading Company employs a large team of qualified farmers who run our field operations, advise our growers and ensure that our pears and cherries are nurtured to produce high yields, top quality and safe fruit. This requires year-round attention, skill and experience. Our field team has that and more.

Grow with Us. Increasingly, we find that many farming families are turning to Rivermaid Trading Company to manage farmland on their behalf. This is especially true for those who wish to keep orchards in their possession, but don’t have the time, desire or skill to maintain them. Rivermaid Trading Company’s top-notch field team can help keep your farm in the family, protect your inheritance and continue producing a valuable crop.