Privacy Policy


 Rivermaid Trading Company (also referred to as the “Company”) has created this Privacy Policy in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”). This Privacy Policy was last updated: February 01, 2023 


A. Categories of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information 


Rivermaid Trading Company collects and maintains the following types of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information about employees, applicants and/or contractors (each of which is also referred to herein as a “consumer”): 

1. Identifiers – name, alias, signature, social security number, physical characteristics or description, home address, telephone number, email address, passport number, driver’s license or State identification card number, employee ID number, account name, unique personal identifier, online identifier, internet address, login credentials, insurance policy information and numbers, immigration status, federal identification authorizing work in the United States, access and/or passcodes 

2. Emergency contact information, family details (e.g., dependents and marital status) 

3. Characteristics of protected classifications under State and Federal laws – race, ethnicity, color, religious or philosophical beliefs, age, sex/gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, ancestry, disability, genetic information, off duty cannabis use and reproductive health decision making 

4. Biometric data – fingerprints, facial images and iris scans 

5. Geolocation and/or gps data 

6. Education information that is not publicly available – GPA, classes taken, information on transcripts 

7. Professional or employment-related history or information 

8. Financial – bank account number, credit card number and/or debit card number in combination with any required security or access code, password or credentials allowing access to the account, retirement plan information, or any other financial information 

9. Medical – medical or health information or history, genetic data, health insurance information 

10. Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory or similar information, including video recording 

11. Commercial – records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained or considered in connection with employment-related transactions and/or through the use of Company property 

12. Contents of a consumer’s mail, email and text messages, unless the company is the intended recipient of the communication 

13. Internet or other electronic network activity information – browsing history, search history, consumer interaction with internet websites, applications, programs and/or advertisements and any personal information provided while accessing the Company’s computer system, such as personal credit card information, log-in credentials and passwords 

14. Inferences drawn from any of the foregoing information to create a profile or summary about a consumer reflecting the consumer’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, preferences, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities and aptitudes 


B. Sources From Which Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information is Collected 


Rivermaid Trading Company collects the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information about consumers from the following sources: 


1. Job applicants 

2. Employees 

3. Recruiters 

4. Previous employers of consumers 

5. Consumer references 

6. Educational institutions 

7. Pre-employment screening 

8. Organizations responsible for licensing, certifying and/or credentialing 


C. Purposes for Collecting, Maintaining and/or Sharing Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information 


Rivermaid Trading Company collects, maintains and/or shares the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information about consumers for purposes of operating, managing and maintaining our business, accomplishing our business purposes and objectives, hiring and employee retention purposes, verifying identity and employment authorization, evaluating the person’s qualification for and performance of job duties, monitoring employee work performance and travel, benefits administration, payroll administration, insurance coverage, evaluating the need for medical leave and/or reasonable accommodations, providing uniforms, providing personal protective equipment, providing a safe and health workplace, conducting research, analytics and data analysis, maintaining our office, facility(ies) and infrastructure, quality and safety assurance, risk management, protecting confidential, proprietary and/or trade secret information, detecting and preventing fraud, performing accounting, audit and other internal functions, conducting and assisting in the performance of investigations, generally complying with laws and regulations applicable to the Company’s business and operations, and for any other purpose authorized by the California Privacy Protection Agency or other applicable law. 

D. Confidentiality and Retention of Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information 


Rivermaid Trading Company has implemented reasonable security measures designed to protect the confidentiality of the information, to limit disclosure to a “need to know” basis and to prevent accidental loss or destruction. Rivermaid Trading Company generally retains this information for the duration of an employee’s employment and for up to 7 years after separation, and for a period of 5 years for applicants who are not hired and contractors, unless extended retention or shorter retention is required by law for the intended retention purpose. 

E. Sale and/or Sharing of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information 


Rivermaid Trading Company has not and does not sell or share any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information. 

F. Disclosure of Personal Information for Business Purposes in the Preceding 12 Months 


Rivermaid Trading Company has not disclosed any Personal Information to any service providers, contractors and/or third parties for business purposes within the preceding 12 months. 

Rivermaid Trading Company may disclose Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, cooperate with law enforcement and other government agencies, to protect our rights, privacy, safety, property and employees, and in conjunction with the reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment or transfer of all or a portion of our operation to a third party. 

G. Consumer Rights 


Consumers have the following rights, subject to the limitations and exceptions set forth in the governing laws and regulations: 

1. Delete Personal Information about the consumer that was collected from the consumer. The right does not extend to Personal Information that is reasonably necessary to maintain the information for specified reasons, including, but not limited to, in order to comply with a legal obligation (e.g., document retention requirements). 

2. Correct inaccurate Personal Information. Rivermaid Trading Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct the inaccurate Personal Information. 

3. Know and Access Personal Information. Consumers have the right to request, no more than twice in a 12-month period, the disclosure of the following Information for the 12-month period preceding the request: 

a. Categories of Personal Information Rivermaid Trading Company has collected. 



b. Categories of sources from which the Personal Information is collected. 

c. Business and commercial purposes for collecting, selling or share Personal Information. 

d. Categories of third parties to whom Rivermaid Trading Company discloses Personal Information. 

e. Specific pieces of Personal Information it has collected about the requesting consumer. 

4. Know what Personal Information is sold, shared or disclosed for a business purpose, and to whom. Consumers have the right to request, no more than twice in a 12-month period, the following Information for the 12-month period preceding the request: a. Categories of Personal Information collected about the consumer. 

b. Categories of Personal Information that Rivermaid Trading Company has sold or shared about the consumer, as well as the categories of third parties to whom the Information was sold or shard, by category(ies) of Personal Information, for each third-party category. 

c. Categories of Personal Information that Rivermaid Trading Company disclosed about the consumer for a business purpose and the categories of persons to whom it was disclosed for a business purpose. 



If Rivermaid Trading Company has not sold, shared or disclosed the consumer’s Personal Information, it will disclose this fact. 

5. Opt-out of the sale or sharing of Personal Information. 

6. Limit use and disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information to specific business purposes, including preventing fraud, payment, customer service, etc., and those uses necessary to perform the service or provide the goods reasonably expected by the average consumer. 

7. Not be subject to retaliation or discrimination for exercising their rights under the CCPA/CPRA. 


H. How to Exercise Consumer Rights 


Consumers or an authorized representative of a consumer can submit a request or otherwise exercise their rights in any of the following ways: 

1. The following toll-free telephone number: 866-979-4056 

2. Via mail addressed to: P.O. Box 350, Lodi, CA 95241 

3. Via e-mail addressed to: 

4. Via hand delivery at: 6011 E. Pine St., Lodi, CA 95240 


Written requests may be submitted using the CCPA/CPRA Request and Response Form. We may not be able to comply with a request if we are unable to verify, using commercially reasonable methods, the identity of the consumer or the content of the request with the relevant consumer, or if we are unable to confirm that the consumer has granted permission to the authorized representative to submit the request on the consumer’s behalf. 

Any questions about this Privacy Policy, any request to access, correct or delete Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information, or to limit the use and disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information, shall be directed to Carina Gastelum, Human Resources Manager at 209-369-3586 or